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Dear Friends of Addis Hope (I hope),

Once again, I must resort to mass mailing to ask your assistance. This does not include those of you who have already been donor partners. Here in Addis Ababa there are recurring problems with electricity and the internet. My good friend Jim Casey has graciously agreed to do the mailing.

For those of you not familiar with my background, I first came to Ethiopia 49 years ago. During that time,  I have taught in two FSC and one Daughters of Charity school. For 26 years I was also an administrator in the Ethiopian Catholic Secretariat (ECS). While in Ethiopia I am currently a member of an FSC community consisting of 3 Ethiopian Brothers and 3 missionaries (2 Americans, 1 Irishman). We recently added to that community 3 Vietnamese DeLaSalle Sisters who fully participate in all our community activities (in a very lively and entertaining way).

17 years ago my LaSallian colleague, Ruth Girmay founded what I later named Addis Hope School. I became Chairman of the Board and Chief Fund Raiser (not my favorite sport). During those years we graduated thousands of illiterate children of street families from a two year kindergarten program. They went on to graduate from government schools, many at the top of their class. As an example, one of them, Esubalu, is today a television personality who has provided for his family so that they no longer are street beggars.      

Last year our Addis Hope School, which was rented from local authorities, was demolished to make room for government offices. Since lawyers said this action was illegal, Ruth has been going to court to seek a replacement structure, which the authorities promised in writing and which I doubt will ever happen.

Years ago two shops in a new mall were purchased so as to provide local income to the school. Ruth, who previously taught art at the Cathedral School took courses in leather production. One of those shops is now a workshop for making Ethiopian leather goods (Ethiopia has the largest domestic animal population in Africa). The other will be a sales room.  She even obtained a difficult to obtain export license. Eventually, single parent street mothers will be hired for the program and their children will be sponsored in government schools. Knowledgeable people tell us that this type program is supported by the government and can succeed. The DENA district is also able to provide limited funding.

 Both Ruth and I have been committed to assisting the poor and marginalized. If you also believe in our mission, kindly write a check to Brothers of the Christian Schools and put in the memo section “Addis Hope.” Mail to: Brother Timothy Froehlich 444A Route 35 South Eatontown, NJ 07724-2200

Live Jesus in Our Hearts,  
Bro. Greg Flynn (aka Jack)

Jim Casey (for Bro. Greg Flynn aka Jack)

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