JNEWS: Boivin, Benjamin [MC2009] new Creative Copywriter at Liaison Intl



Boivin, Benjamin
Creative Copywriter at Liaison International
Albany, New York

“Mr. Versatility” was a name bestowed to me on a youth basketball plaque during our 6th grade youth basketball awards night. Never the self-proclaimed best defender, shooter or dribbler on the team, but I was always talented and enthusiastic enough to fill any diverse position. 

My nickname in my short-lived basketball career has transcended into my professional career and it is the person who I aspire to be. A person of eclectic interests that is both approachable for problems and confident for solutions. 

I have worn many hats since beginning my professional career, and each experience has provided me with the knowledge to shine in the next position. From media buying and selling to college level recruitment, I have obtained the skills to learn quickly, execute efficiently, and grow professionally. 

Optimistically, I look to use my most underrated skill, creativity, to assist your company, while remaining versatile in the challenges that present themselves. Organizational leadership is what I currently specialize in and have proudly obtained my Master’s degree in that field to further my expertise. 

Specialties: Creative writing, editing, counseling, advertising, team-building and brainstorming, recruiting, higher education, financial aid, mentoring, event coordinating, public speaking, stand-up comedy, social media, training, and organizational leadership.

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