POSITRACTION: “The roo’s life was important’



Teens Mount Rescue Operation For Helpless Kangaroo Stuck in Neck-Deep Mud
By Good News Network – Apr 25, 2018

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After returning to the quarry, Nick tied the rope around his waist and crawled through the mud towards the kangaroo. Once he had the animal in his arms, Jack helped to pull them both back to solid land.

“The roo’s life was important to us so we went out on an arm and leg and got it,” Nick told TODAY. “We think he went searching for water there and it was really muddy so he got himself really stuck.

“It’s a pretty patriotic thing to do and we’re proud of what we did. If we saw something like that again, we’ll do it all over again,” he added.

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All life is important.

Good for these young men!

An object lesson for the rest of us?

Can’t make a moral argument to those who can’t see it.

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One response to “POSITRACTION: “The roo’s life was important’

  1. Jim Brown ‘58

    Jasper John

    Does the ‘68 mean this is your fiftieth anniversary since graduation??

    Then welcome to the Golden Jaspers. You certainly have been a major part of our memories of what it means to be a Jasper. Look forward to seeing you next month.


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