ENDNOTE: Poorly-Educated Marxist Revolutionary Wannabes



MONDAY, APRIL 23, 2018
“The Jesuits are Essentially Poorly-Educated Marxist Revolutionary Wannabes Hiding Behind Priests’ Collars.”

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In response to, Loyola Professor Attacks Austrian Economics, Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo writes:

Walter, your ignorant, intolerant, closed-minded, and anti-scholarly “colleague” is indeed a very big dummy and a hypocrite.  If he (or she) was the expert on “the Ignatian tradition” among the Jesuits that he pretends to be, he would know that St. Ignatius himself lived by the motto of “find God in all things.”  NOT “find God in all things except for Austrian economics and Austrian School economists.”

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There are a few exceptions, but the Jesuits are essentially poorly-educated Marxist revolutionary wannabes hiding behind priests’ collars.  Like the pope, for instance.

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So sad that this keeps the Church in a turmoil.

Makes me crazy to see the anti-Capitalist mentality.

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