MFOUND: Manhattan College Address 30 April 1951 by Jacques Maritain


Manhattan College Address
30 April 1951
[From a typewritten manuscript by Jacques Maritain, with the author’s handwritten revisions.]

*** begin quote ***

Eminence, Very Reverend Brother President, Reverend Brothers, Ladies and Gentlemen:First of all I should like to express my heartfelt thanks and the gratitude of all the recipients, to Manhattan College for the honorary degrees and the medals we are to be granted, and to His Eminence Cardinal Spellman for his presence at this ceremony and the precious encouragement of his inspiring words. We thank him respectfully for the privilege of his gracious attendance; we thank Manhattan College for the academic honors it is bestowing upon us, and for its willingness to receive us in its spiritual family on the day when the third centenary of the birth of St. Jean Baptiste de la Salle is commemorated. This commemoration brings a particular significance to the present celebration, which is a testimony, among many others, of the great work achieved by the Christian Brothers, and the extraordinary manner in which the mission of their saintly founder has succeeded in the course of two centuries and a half.

*** end quote ***

[JR: A long interesting insight.]

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