POSITRACTION: Japanese bus drivers using an unusual tactic



Japanese Bus Drivers Strike by Continuing to Run and Refusing to Take Anyone’s Money
By Good News Network – May 2, 2018

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Japanese bus drivers are using an unusual community-based strike tactic to demand better job security from their employers.

The drivers working for the Ryobi Group in Okayama declared a labor strike after a rival bus company opened up overlapping bus routes that charge cheaper fare.

When Ryobi would not comply with their demands for better job security, the drivers decided to take an experimental angle with their strike: they would continue to drive their usual routes, except they would not be accepting anyone’s fare money.

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Well, I’m not sure that striking for “job security” is a good strategy, but I like the tactic of not alienating the riding public.

If I was a bus driver, and I’m not, nor do I play one on TV — Jackie Gleason had that role locked up forever — I’d be worried about self-driving busses.  Clear to me, that’s the technology threat to their “job security”.  If they don’t improve their “human capital”, then they are the equivalent of “buggy whip makers”.  If they don’t reduce the total cost of ridership, then the rationale to robotize will be accentuated. 

A “No win” situation for the bus drivers.  Wonder if they see it?

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