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Wayne Dumont

Going on 64 years of age I decided that retirement is in my interest. Having fun will be my new career.

Until the right opportunity comes I will continue to be involved in my causes, investments, school events, & new experiences.

When I Was 15 – Linkedin 15 year celebration

Well fellow Jaspers, I’m published for the 2nd time. Love it.

When I Was 15

It was at  an early age that my parents decided that both sons will go to college. we were born in the mid-50’s. It was a very exciting time to live and wonder what you wanted to become. You had the space race, cold war, an more open trade (GATT). During the 1960’s we baby boomers saw once in a lifetime events that still affect today’s world. I was thinking about politics, going into space. but decided to follow into my father’s footsteps as an international banker. I was 15 years old in 1969 ( very good year), Vietnam was raging, the Mets won the World Series against all odds & finally man’s dream for centuries, landing on the moon. Oh! don’t forget Woodstock. This all shown on television, which was still fairly new to the masses. (about 20 years) To this day it still influences me. I also just came back from one of our summer trips. A loop that went to the upper Mid-West, through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and back to New  York. The scenery, historic places, the people, continued to influence me. I took  Business Economics and Marketing at Manhattan College, not my first choice. When at Corfo, NY and started doing foreign exchange, it became a thrill, tapped into my speed and always excited me. I would be on one phone with one FX trader and another phone with another FX trader and finished with a successful deal. I decided this is what I wanted to do till retirement. it gave me excitement, international and wonder, who was at the other end of the transaction in another part of the world. I stayed in the business community until I took early retirement. I will continue to go to schools, travel, get into politics but will always remember the 1960’s and 1969. The End. 

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