COMMENT: Brown, Jim [MC1958] pays me a compliment



You have done more than any Alum I know keeping us informed about our fellow Jasper’s over the years. I hope to thank and shake your hand as you as you celebrate your entry into the Golden Jaspers.

Time to get out of the cave.

Jim Brown ‘58

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[JR: Well, I’m a nerdy introvert and, as I’ve explained, I don’t participate in “organized religious activities”.  Walking down the aisle in the Chapel would be hypocritical.  Last reunion I went to 25 years ago, I sat outside with some other of my like-minded classmates.  Don’t want to do that again.  I do this as a service to my fellow Jaspers.  And, the funniest part is that the “development office” (aka fund raisers) really object to my activities since it “scoops” their efforts.  I know many at Alma Mater don’t share that opinion.  I tried to explain the concept of “first help; then, be helped” to them many times but they rejected that advice.  Dona Nobis Pacem. ]

# – # – # – # – # 2018-May-25 @ 11:25


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