ENDNOTE: Save water by planting a native lawn



Lawns Are an Ecological Disaster
Ian Graber-Stiehl

*** begin quote ***

Neil Tyson often conjectures that maybe aliens have concluded humans aren’t intelligent enough to contact. He’s probably referring to our capacity for war, but lawns may display our talent for fruitless carnage even better.

Americans devote 70 hours, annually, to pushing petrol-powered spinning death blades over aggressively pointless green carpets to meet an embarrassingly destructive beauty standard based on specious homogeneity. We marvel at how verdant we manage to make our overwatered, chemical-soaked, ecologically-sterile backyards. That’s just biblically, nay, God-of-War-ishly violent. 

*** end quote ***

It’s stunning that so much water is “wasted” on grass.

But, the tipping point of this piece is “tax abatement”.

Hell with saving water; you can save money.

Native plant “garden” for me!

Now how about some native rattlesnakes to scare the politicians and bureaucrats?

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