ENDNOTE: “Vaticanomics” making “God” the State



Vaticanomics: Serving the “God” of the State
By Thomas DiLorenzo

May 21, 2018

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The Vatican recently released a report on “the present economic-financial system” of the world that is typical of all pronouncements about economics from the Catholic Church bureaucracy:  It is astoundingly ignorant of even elementary economic concepts, and is written in the language of a C-/D+ high school writing assignment.  There is confusion over the definition of very simple economic concepts like profit and GDP.   There are 49 footnotes, but none of them makes reference to any economic literature.  They are mostly speeches by Catholic clergy who don’t seem to have much knowledge at all of the subject they are pontificating about.

Entitled “Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones”, the report expresses alarm about “the growing influence of financial markets on the material well-being of most of humankind” and urges more government intervention, more regulation, more politics, more welfarism, more central planning, more taxes, and less freedom.  As I said, it is typical of all such pronouncements about “Catholic social teaching” in the area of economics.

The first assumption the report makes is that there are no ethical guidelines in markets.  The report then declares that the economy “needs ethics in order to function correctly.”  And the kind of ethics needs to be “people-centred (sic),” says the Vatican.  Well, yah.  Is there any other kind of ethics other than human-centered?  Robot-centered??  Does no one in the business world have any ethical guidelines, as the Vatican asserts?

*** and ***

One would think the Catholic Church would support the classical liberal philosophy of individualism, defined by F.A. Hayek in The Road to Serfdom as simply respect for the individual – all individuals – and rejection of the notion that individuals should become pawns or slaves of government authorities.  But no, as a collection of hardened collectivists and Marxist ideologues the Vatican denounces individualism.

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If the scandals of paedophilia were not enough to drive you from Holy Mother Church, then the lack of understanding how “capitalism” lifts ALL humanity out of poverty by harnessing the basic human emotion must. It is scandalously stupid.   How many North Koreas, Venezuelas, or USSRs do you have see before you recognize that socialism, communism, or fascism just do NOT work!


Recently the Pope has accepted homosexuality as “God’s creation”.  Check our Pat Buchanan’s column! I understood the response to be a departure from “love the sinner; hate the sin”.  How far can we twist moral absolutes?  What’s next to be OK — abortion?

One reason that I have “left” Holy Mother Church is that it LEFT me.  Left like the old Democratic party where the yellow dog D’s fought for fiscal rectitude. Left like the Taft wing of the old Republican party which fought against involvement in foreign wars.  Left like the big L Libertarian party that dumped principle and nominated Johnson / Weld.

Everyone dumped on good old Ron Paul, who was the only “peace” candidate in the election, as crazy.  Guess I’m crazy too.

Sorry, but going to the 50th reunion, would make me a hypocrite when the 50th banner goes down the aisle at Mass. 

Just can’t do it.

I feel that I have been betrayed by the “Social Justice” warriors, and all the other socialist crap, that proceeds from “academia”. 


I wish that I had an audience of many thousands of Jaspers, who could convince me I’m wrong.

I feel like that “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only aresounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” 

Hopefully I don’t alienate the little audience I have, but if I do so be it.

I’m a tired old Jasper who just calls them as I see them.

Dona Nobis Pacem

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