ENDNOTE: “Leftism” is the new secular religion and must be treated as such?



Strange Days 
by Sarah A. Hoyt 
Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

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You see, leftism is as much as anything else a religion. The crazy Marx with his vision of the future created an entire narrative from paradise (pre-capitalism, i.e. it never existed, guys, not even as apes. Apes, as we now know, trade) through fall into capitalism to eventual paradise again, where the New Man (what used to be called the Soviet Man) will be so altruistic and communally oriented that a government isn’t needed. (Like the peace of Islam, there’s only one way to obtain that, and no. Just no. Worldwide species extinction is as fantastical as the idea of that primordial paradise. Humans are humans, and someone will survive. I’m just not interested in letting them send us back ten thousand years.)

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A “religious” war in the USA is NOW a possibility.  Pick any issue and the Left wants that one “their way” — and every other issue.  Education of children is now propagandizing them as was done in the old Soviet Union.  The USA once condemned that; now we embrace it.  It’s a sad thing to say that the American Experiment was killed by the War of Northern Aggression and was buried by the Politically Correct left less that 150 years later.

Best we can do is fight a delaying action until the “We, The Sheeple” wake up.  If they ever do?

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