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Love Story: Manhattan ‘mixer’ launches a lifelong romance
Christine and Patrick O’Hagan celebrated their 46th anniversary on a trip to Alaska with close friends celebrating their 50th anniversary.
By Christine O’Hagan Updated July 13, 2018 4:23 PM

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Christine O’Hagan of Holtsville recalls her courtship with her husband, Patrick.

I met my husband, Patrick, on Oct. 14, 1966, at a Manhattan College dance, or “mixer,” as it was called. The all-male school was in Riverdale in the Bronx. Patrick lived in the Bronx. I lived in Jackson Heights, Queens. My name was Christine Kehl then. It was a long subway ride to Riverdale, but my friend Kathleen came with me. We’d heard that Manhattan was full of cute guys.

Patrick was 19, a Manhattan College sophomore, an electrical engineering major. I was 16, in my senior year at Cathedral High School in Manhattan. Patrick says he was about to leave when he spotted me. All I know is that our eyes met across a crowded dance floor. It was either love at first sight — or that we were the tallest people in the room.

After we danced, he asked for my number. When he called and asked if I were home, my 9-year-old brother said “no” and hung up.

But Patrick persisted, and our first and second dates were at the movies. For our third date, he invited me to the Manhattan College Engineers’ Ball at the midtown Commodore Hotel. It was a rainy night and my newly dyed heels, which I dyed myself, streaked his suit pants with silver dye.

We spent our rather penniless courtship either at the movies or walking the streets of New York. Occasionally, we splurged on a $1.99 steak dinner at Tad’s Steaks in Times Square. In 1967, we went to my senior prom. After graduating, I worked as an operator at the New York Telephone Co. in Manhattan.

Patrick graduated in 1969 and on June 20, 1970, we were married at St. Joan of Arc Church in Jackson Heights. We honeymooned on Cape Cod, where, somewhere in the surf, Patrick lost the Manhattan class ring I’d given him as an engagement gift.

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