ENDNOTE: STI causes untreatable infertility?



STI warning: Experts fear ‘stealth’ bug which makes women infertile will be untreatable

  • A WARNING has been issued about a dangerous sexually transmitted infection which is spreading rapidly.

By Douglas Patient / Published 11th July 2018

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The mycoplasma genitalium bug, known as MG, makes women infertile.

One in every 100 British adults aged 18 to 44 are already thought to be infected with the bug.

Experts are warning that this figure is set to double within 10 years as it becomes untreatable.

A total of 3,000 women a year could lose the ability to have children, the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) said

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Actions have consequences.

Sadly, this maybe due to humanity’s failure to understand the long term consequences of its actions.

Promiscuity has eroded the moral fiber of recent generations.  

Makes me wonder what else humanity doesn’t understand.

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