JNEWS: Boyle, Alannah [MC????] campaign manager on a big upset



Jillian Gilchrest Unseated A 12-Term Incumbent In West Hartford. Here’s How She Did It.
Mikaela Porter mmporter@courant.com

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Jillian Gilchrest’s upset victory over 12-term incumbent Andy Fleischmann in West Hartford’s 18th House District may have come as a surprise to some — but her work leading up to Tuesday’s primary started long before she announced her candidacy in January.

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“We listened to people, and I think people are receptive to that,” Alannah Boyle, Gilchrest’s campaign manager said on Wednesday.

If members of the campaign heard questions or concerns at doors and didn’t have answers, they looked into the issue and followed up. “None of us were afraid of anything. … We didn’t have any expectations,” Boyle said. “There’s something freeing about being the underdog.”

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Though Boyle, 21, grew up in West Hartford, attending Morley Elementary School and graduating from Hall High School, she didn’t meet Gilchrest until a conference in Detroit while she was still a student at Manhattan College.

“I was intrigued,” Boyle said. “As I got to know Jillian, I very quickly realized she’s the real deal. She listened to me. … She listens and learns from everyone around her.”

That inclusiveness drew Boyle in, she said, as it did other young staffers on the campaign. Gilchrest made those women feel involved in the process, Boyle said.

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Boyle, Alannah [MC????]

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