POSITRACTION: Old man has saved FIVE people



80-Year-old Man Rescues Drowning Boy Only to Find Out That He Saved the Kid’s Father 30 Years Earlier
By McKinley Corbley-Aug 10, 2018

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When an elderly man came to the rescue of a drowning boy earlier this week, his life-saving efforts revealed a surprising connection between the two of them.

80-year-old Xu Weifang had been resting in his Zhutang home when he heard someone crying for help from the river.

He and his wife rushed outside only to find an 8-year-old boy struggling to keep his head above the water. The youngster had been playing with his grandmother near the riverside when he accidentally fell in.

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That’s because Xu had rescued the man from drowning in the very same river 30 years ago.

The father and son are not the only people who the spry senior has rescued from the river, either – he has saved three other drowning people from the water since he moved into his home, and his wife has saved one.

Though he is humble about his riverside rescues, Xu admits that his old age might soon prevent him from playing the hero in the future.

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This is humbling.

How many opportunities does one get to save another’s life?

I’m stunned at his humility.

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