ENDNOTE: A “catholic” politician’s ethics?



Come clean and apologize, Gov. Cuomo
By Post Editorial Board
September 19, 2018 | 7:41pm | Updated

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Was there anyone involved with Gov. Cuomo’s re-election campaign or his office who didn’t know about that infamous mailer tarring Cynthia Nixon as anti-Semitic?

The Post keeps uncovering ever more evidence showing the gov’s team played a major role in crafting and OKing the hit piece, which Cuomo himself calls “slimy.” His excuses and denials just don’t hold up.

The Post’s Nolan Hicks and Carl Campanile cite documents and interviews showing that Adam Steinberger, a top aide to Cuomo’s campaign manager, Maggie Moran, was heavily involved in the mailer’s creation. Moran and an executive aide to the governor, Jill DesRosiers, were also copied on at least one early e-mail discussing a mailer. (Abbey Collins of the campaign insists neither woman saw any of the radioactive stuff.) Former Cuomo aide David Lobl ginned up talking points used to create the mailer.

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If the “Catholic” hierarchy will not rebuke a “Catholic politician” for his stand on “women’s reproductive rights”, then where is the “Catholic” laity to do their job for them?

Hard to believe that a politician could survive losing both the Catholic and Jewish vote.

Time for voters to punish bad conduct!

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