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Bus Cleans the Air: Sucking Up Pollution As It Travels
By Good News Network-Oct 2, 2018

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This bus doesn’t just take you to where you need to go – it also cleans the air you breathe.

The Go-Ahead Group, which is one of the largest bus and rail operators in England, has just launched a bus that sucks up pollution as it travels.

The Bluestar prototype is the first bus in the UK that can clean city air. It is fitted with an air filter that collects ultra-fine pollution particles and spews out purified air at the front of the vehicle. The filter works with 99.5% efficiency.

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While, of course, it’s always better — in a Platonic absolute good sense — not to pollute the air in the first place, we live in a world governed by the LAWS of Economics.  Scarcity is a fact of life.  

How clean does the air need to be?  After all some geniuses in the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee legislature want to define sand at the beach as a health hazard pollutant.  (When I read this, I thought I’d stepped through the looking glass.)  After the EPA wants to define carbon dioxide — the stuff that the trees need — and water vapor as pollutants for the purposes of car emissions.  Argh! 

I think that air cleaning bus is a great step by a for profit company.  If the marketplace agrees, then they will succeed and the “other” buses will not.  Market discipline puts the consumer in the “driver’s seat”. 

How much do we want to pay for “cleaner air”?  (So car makers claim that the air their products exhaust is cleaner than what they take in.)

Kudos to that bus maker for making us choose.

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