POSITRACTION: Businesses don’t need to be “clubbed” to do good things



Clonakilty Autism Friendly Town

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Clonakilty is Ireland’s First Autism Friendly town in Ireland.  In order to acquire this designation Clonakilty had to go through a robust accreditation process. It had to engage and train 25% of businesses and voluntary organisations, train 50% of public services, 50% of school communities, 50% of healthcare professionals, 3 employers and reach and engage 25% of the town’s population and develop a three-year Autism Friendly town plan.

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The Autism Friendly Champions have done the following to receive their accreditation:

•    Followed autism friendly staff training
•    Developed a social story to help prepare the visit to the organisation 
•    Are service dog friendly
•    A sensory activity specific to that organisation for example, host a weekly quiet time, make available a Relaxation Box for customers or dedicated quiet space 
•    Committed to working with the Clonakilty Autism Friendly Town Committee on the implementation of the three-year town plan

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It’s a small town — I’ve never heard of it — but maybe it’s the start of a trend.  Can’t cost much to make some accommodations.  

Since I’ve been “pop-pop” to a baby, I’ve been observing the rest rooms of stores I patronize.  I’m not afraid to let the store manage know when their “facilities” are not up to snuff.  I did an MBA paper on the secret of one minor league ball park’s outstanding fiscal results — double everyone else’s profitability — “clean women’s rest rooms.  Target, or “Tar-jay”, as we call it, is always outstanding.

Hope that we as “customers” ask for accommodations for the “there but for the grace of God go I” fellow humans.  And those that abuse the concept of “service animals” like the lady trying to fly with her “support squirrel or those that use fake “service animals” are appropriately scorned.

Whenever I run into anyone in a service position, I try to be extra considerate because they are doing a job I wouldn’t want to do.  If I had to, I’d probably strangle someone.  (Never said I was perfect; just trying.)

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