ENDNOTE: Paid for by US Taxpayers



Forced Sterilizations in Peru — Paid for by US Taxpayers
By Ryan McMaken Mises.org
October 26, 2018

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In countries under heavy US influence or occupation, the US government has a habit of pushing political programs that would be too unpopular to implement in the United States.

In Japan, for example, the US occupation after World War II offered an opportunity for American bureaucrats to push abortion policies they couldn’t win support for in the United States.

As part of a larger agenda of pushing a Japan-style New Deal and other US-styled interventionist policies, the US occupiers were more than happy to help the new Japanese regime impose a eugenics-friendly program designed to combat alleged overpopulation. According to Holly Coutts:

The centralized government in Japan, coupled with a political culture infused with socialist ideas and traditional loyalty to a strict hierarchy, allowed policymakers to create a far-reaching program. This same type of program was impossible in the US and South Korea [another country under heavy US influence] as it would not have corresponded to their public ideas… Japan would become the first country to legalize abortion for socioeconomic reasons. 

But, at least in these cases, women, for the most part, took part in these programs voluntarily — the aborted children, of course, were not consulted.

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International planners, of course, have long been notable for a belief that much of the world is overpopulated and that this problem must be “solved” with government action. USAID workers may have sensed an opportunity to partner with the Peruvian regime — which itself viewed the impoverished Indians in the Andean highlands as “problematic” — in efforts to implement a eugenics program in Peru. It’s not a coincidence that efforts at combating overpopulation usually end up targeting ethnic and socio-economic groups most lacking in both economic and legal resources.

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This fact was emphasized by Ludwig von Mises who noted that population-control programs are, ultimately, attempts by government planners to determine who gets born and when. This motivation, Mises noted, is not qualitatively different from what drove some of the world’s most horrific regimes in their own attempts at eugenic planning:

It is vain for the champions of eugenics to protest that they did not mean what the Nazis executed. Eugenics aims at placing some men, backed by the police power, in complete control of human reproduction. It suggests that the methods applied to domestic animals be applied to men. This is precisely what the Nazis tried to do. The only objection which a consistent eugenist can raise is that his own plan differs from that of the Nazi scholars and that he wants to rear another type of men than the Nazis. As every supporter of economic planning aims at the execution of his own plan only, so every advocate of eugenic planning aims at the execution of his own plan and wants himself to act as the breeder of human stock.

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So take note that Japan, and most of the Western world, have an “aging” problem.

If they call Megyn Kelly a racist for some words, what do they call those who deliberately killed all those black babies?

It’s got to rank up there with the Holocaust, Stalin’s gulags, Mao’s reeducation camps, etc. etc.

To really commit genocide you really need a Gooferment with its air of legitimacy.

To quote a famous anti-war folk song: “When will we ever learn?”

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