ENDNOTE: Time to “terminate” the death penalty?



As states scramble to find execution drugs, experts say it’s time to let lethal injection die
It isn’t more humane than antiquated methods—it’s just easier to watch.
By April Reese 

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In her dissent on a 2015 death penalty case, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor suggested death by firing squad may be preferable to lethal injection. “In the future . . . some inmates may suggest the firing squad as an alternative,” she wrote, adding that “such visible yet relatively painless violence may be vastly preferable to an excruciatingly painful death hidden behind a veneer of medication.” Yet the assumption that lethal injection hews most closely to the 8th amendment’s prohibition on “cruel and unusual punishment” continues to prevail in most states.

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As a pro-life pro-choice little L libertarian, it would be inconsistent for me NOT to oppose the death penalty.

I have yet to find any “law” that allows the Gooferment to kill its citizens.

And, it’s a very bad tradition we have here.  Can’t we create a “Devils Island”?  At least, if a mistake has been made, the mistake can be “corrected”.  You can’t reanimated from the death penalty.

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