PRAYERSREQUESTED: Mom of Sweeney, Peter K. (MC1964) passes


Jaspers Jotting will be very “thin” this week.

Dorothy Sweeney, Mother of Peter K. (MC1964), and my beloved Aunt, passed away this week.

She was my “Momma Diddy” who took care of me while my single Mom went to work after my Father abandoned her. 

Recently, my fiancée has had full custody of her grandson since his release from the hospital in June 2017 after being weaned off narcotics at birth.

This little boy, Daniel, has taught me what it means to care for a baby. And especially someone else’s baby.  

Her passing drove home what Momma Diddy, and my other maiden Aunt Patty, did for me and my Mom.  

It’s another death in my life that makes me sad from All Souls Day to Saint Patrick’s Day, during which it seems all the significant people in my life passed on. 

Makes me root for March 17th to come quickly.

The only bright light was that I met my Classmate Deacon Keith Casey (MC1968) who led the prayers at the wake and assisted at the Funeral Mass.

So with my apologies, because of this, my ongoing chores with Baby Daniel, and my new responsibilities as “bar manager” at American Legion Post #401 148 Major Road Monmouth Junction NJ 08810, I haven’t had time to “do” Jasper Jottings correctly.

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Good Evening All,

Peter Sweeney has shared the sad news of the passing of his Mom. Mrs. Dorothy B. Sweeney was called home on Sunday, November 4, 2018. This Grand Lady was just two weeks shy of her 98 Birthday and lived fully throught all her years. Peter, Dianne, Anne Marie, Peter and Dianne’ Grand Sons, Connor and Liam had visited with Mrs. Sweeney the morning before her passing and as Peter had said some months ago, he wanted his Mom’s last days and memories to be of peace, caring and knowing that she was loved. She was called home peacefully and there is no doubt that she is at peace in God’s Eternal Embrace in the Kingdom of Heaven. I will share further information as I receive

Peter’s email is Most of you know that Peter Sweeney, PhD, is an Adjunct Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering at Manhattan College. Thank you. God Bless.

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

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https://freemanfuneralhomes. com/tribute/details/7180/ Dorothy-Sweeney/service- information.html#tribute-start

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