POSITRACTION: ‘Breaking the cycle of homelessness’ by Christian-based nonprofit



Community of Tiny Homes Breaks Cycle of Addiction and Homelessness for Single Moms
By Good News Network-Nov 11, 2018

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Homeless single moms are breaking the cycle of addiction and reuniting with their children thanks to a community of tiny homes and the services provided here.

Acres of Hope allows the women to live in one of ten cottages for up to two years, accessing the aid that helps them finish their education, clear criminal records, get higher paying jobs, find permanent housing—and, most importantly, address the root causes of their addiction, so they can achieve personal success.

Instead of being shuffled from program to program without any real change, this Christian-based nonprofit in Auburn, California, aims for life-changing transformation. The staff and volunteers invest heavily in their lives by providing encouragement, practical life-skills training, job skills, mentoring and spiritual direction.

“We give them the opportunity to breathe and exit survival-mode,” says Executive Director Lisa Risdal. “Our graduates have become strong independent women who are also loving and nurturing mothers.”

“‘Breaking the cycle of homelessness’ aren’t just words at Acres of Hope—it’s really happening.”

Plenty of women in the last ten years who have ‘graduated’ can testify to its effectiveness.

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Why can’t “we” encourage this in more places?

Podcast host Jason Stapleton proposed that a for profit entity run military style barracks.

It’s a problem that the Gooferment created and stands in the way of “civil society” solutions.

After all if the problem is solved without Gooferment, then what will all the politicians and bureaucrats do?

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