COMMENT: Kenneth Hamilton appreciate the prayers for Hamilton, Kevin [MC2016 RIP]

2018-Nov-16 1137 

RE: JOBIT Hamilton, Kevin [MC2016 RIP] 2018-Sep-28

Hi – thought I’d commented on this earlier – very appreciative of the support of the Manhattan College community. I’m Kevin’s Dad – my wife Nancy is MCO ’85, and my brother, Kevin’s Uncle Christopher Hamilton, is MCO ’87.Kevin was a cherished son indeed, and we are grateful for your prayers for him and for us. (Deacon) Kenneth Hamilton

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2018-Oct-18 1008

Thank you for your post regarding the death of our beloved son. I just stumbled across it this evening, and we are very touched. Kevin’s Mom Nancy (Grogan) Hamilton is a Jasper, class of 1985, as is his Uncle Christopher Hamilton, class of 1987. We are grateful for the prayers of all, and ask continued prayers both for us and for Kevin.


Deacon Kenneth & Nancy Hamilton

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[JR: Thanks for your kind reply.  A technical glitch caused me to miss it. Sorry for your loss.]

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