POSITRACTION: An average person figures out how to save birds



One Cat’s Obsession With Hunting Birds Leads to Invention That Has Saved Hundreds of Thousands
By McKinley Corbley-Dec 12, 2018

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Cats kill a staggering number of birds in the U.S. every year—estimated to be in the billions—but one feline’s affinity for hunting them has inadvertently led to the salvation of hundreds of thousands of other feathered prey.

Back in 2008, Nancy Brennan was sick and tired of her cat George bring dead birds into her home. Not only was it a distasteful thing to find on her living room floor, it was also heartbreaking for the enthusiastic birdwatcher.

“His first catch one spring was a ruffed grouse, which he killed and brought into the house,” Brennan told the Burlington Free Press. “I was so disgusted, I literally said out loud, ‘I’m going to stop you, George.’”

As she pondered how to curb George’s hunting habits, she recalled reading an article about how birds notice bright colors. So she grabbed some rainbow fabric and sewed up a bright collar that he could wear around his neck as an early warning system for the birds.

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Interesting how an average person can make such a discovery?

What have I done lately?

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