ENDNOTE: Will “Visitation School” be a Gooferment Skrule?



Visitation remains empty while neighbors wait
Posted December 16, 2018

  • Visitation School, located 171 W. 239th St., was once a vibrant of the community, having served the area for 85 years by the time it closed its doors for good in 2017. Local elected officials would love to transform it into a public school, which would help ease overcrowding in nearby schools.


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Just search for “Visitation School” on Google, and you’ll find bright red letters reminding you it’s permanently closed.

After 85 years, the classrooms at the West 239th Street school emptied one last time, and its adjoining church was merged with St. John Church on Kingsbridge Avenue.

But what’s next for this site? During a recent town hall, Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz shot down rumors the property was bought by nearby Manhattan College, and expressed hope that Rome would sell the site to the education board for a much-needed school.

Such plans couldn’t come soon enough for Gene Binder.

“There is a need for space to combat overcrowding in District 10,” said Binder, a member of the activist group Concerned Citizens for Change, and a retired teacher. “I don’t know about numbers in specific schools in the district, but I know there are overcrowded schools in this district.”

A published report in 2015 agrees with Binder, calling District 10 — which covers nearly 80 schools in this part of the Bronx — the most overcrowded with 5,000 students too many filling public hallways.

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And why should the Roman Catholic Church sell it to “the city”?

It’s a monument to the futility of trying to compete with Gooferment Skrules.  

Separation of Church and State should begin with the Separation of Education and Gooferment!


So sad.

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