JNEWS: Philbin, Thomas [MC????] takes LBE award



Thomas Philbin takes LBE award

Thomas Philbin, Westwood’s Energy Manager, was honored at the Massachusetts State House on December 6, 2018 with a Public Sector Individual Award in the 12th annual Leading by Example (LBE) awards. These awards, given by the Baker-Polito administration, recognize those who promote clean energy and sustainable initiatives. Additionally, Philbin was awarded congratulatory citations on the LBE award by the Massachusetts State Senate and Legislature.

Philbin received this honor for introducing numerous clean energy initiatives and encouraging broad stakeholder collaboration across the Town of Westwood. Initially, Philbin’s position was funded by a DOER Green Communities Energy Manager two year grant award. Since that time, the town has enthusiastically continued funding the Energy Manager position based on Philbin’s early accomplishments, which include efforts advancing the installation of 780 kW of solar in the town, extensive energy efficiency projects, initiating efforts for DOER Green Community designation, and planning for future “near zero energy” buildings.

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Philbin is an alumnus of the Manhattan College with a BS in Physics and the University of Michigan with a Masters and PhD in Environmental Health Sciences.

December 19, 2018
Hometown Weekly Staff

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Philbin, Thomas [MC????]

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