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Ellis Island Medal of Honor Database

Joseph R. Lagana
President & CEO
 Society Member*
Heritage Italian
Location NY
Honored 2002

Joseph Richard Lagana,born to Frank and Annette Lagana in the Bronx, ultimately grew up, along with his brother, Michael, and two sisters, Rozanne and Paulette, in White Plains. During Joseph’s childhood and adolescence, it was his father who provided for the family with his electrical contracting company (established in 1924) and his mother who had the responsibility of taking care of the children.

Joseph served in the U.S. Army 101st Signal Corp., but remembers his first basic training as having been served with the nuns at St. Francis of Rome, the Priests at Cardinal Hayes and the Irish Christian Brothers at Manhattan College. Having survived those experiences, the Army training was easy!

Joseph began his career by expanding the family business into Rockland County while, at the same time, enriching his life by marrying MaryGrace Giresi in 1962. Together they raised their children: Joseph, Robert, John, Michael and Marielena in West Nyack. All of their sons are married: Joseph to Christine Ceva (have three children, Gabrielle and Christopher, and Luke), Robert to Joanne Striano (have five children, Michael, Nikki, Michelle, John and Dominick) and John to Anne (have three children (Zoe Ann, John Robert and Louie Joseph), and Michael to Kerry Libertino, (have two children, jake and Emma Grace). Joseph’s daughter, Marielena is married to Angelo Monaco (have three children, (Ava Mary, Amanda, and Thomas).

Joseph founded Lagana Electric, Inc. in Rockland in 1960, which he then operated along with his father and brother. Together, they co-founded Mid-Hudson Electric in 1964, expanding their services to the surrounding counties. In 1975, Joseph also co-founded Standard Telephone, a private telephone sales, installation and service company operating within the northeastern United States. He continued to acquire and form several other service and manufacturing companies through the years — always being innovative and well ahead of his time with some of his unique business methods. In 1987, several of these companies were acquired by a public company, which was listed on the N.Y. Stock Exchange.

In 1990, Joseph purchased and completely restored a landmark former leather mill, built in the late 1800’s, now known as The Mill At Nyack in which he created an executive suite complex known as Custom Executive Office (CEO). In 1996, Joseph converted an old waterside factory into a Victorian-style cultural center, known as the Nyack Seaport. It has facilities for concerts, shows, private events, a children’s museum, later a children’s learning center and a fine restaurant; Lena’s, overlooking the Hudson River and Tappan Zee Bridge. In November 2005 the business portion of the Nyack Seaport and Lena’s Restaurant were sold to another family oriented business professional. A 100-year old apartment building on Broadway and a village building of approximately the same vintage in Nyack were completely renovated and restored. Joseph also founded an importing company, MaryGrace’s Antiques & Country Pine, which was operated by his wife, MaryGrace. While successfully establishing and running these businesses, Joseph is also the managing shareholder in Hudson Valley Partners, which owns several commercial and residential buildings.

Much of Joseph’s time is taken up with his involvement in a third generation family business, United States Information Systems, which company installs, maintains and services sophisticated copper and fiber voice and data communication systems. USIS has earned a well-deserved reputation in the communications industry based upon its professionalism and service and is well known throughout the technology industry. Recently a new division was established which is devoted to the design and construction of cell sites and antennas and the maintenance needed for such sites. Joseph leads these companies with the invaluable support of his sons and partners, Robert, John, Michael and Joseph who provide the operational skills, knowledge and good business sense needed for their continuing growth and success. USIS recently consolidated all of its operations into a headquarters base at 35 West Jefferson Avenue, Pearl River, New York.

Joseph demonstrates his strong commitment and pride in his profession, his heritage and dedication to serving the community by giving his time, energy and support to participate in organizations, and in most cases, serving in a leadership role.

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Lagana, Joseph R. [MC????]

# – # – # – # – # 2019-Jan-02 @ 13:46

Dear John,

             I believe that Joseph is a member of the Class of 1958.


McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

[JR: Thanks, Mike. Much appreciated.]

Lagana, Joseph R. [MC1958]

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