POSITRACTION: “You are perfect” pencils



When Teacher Asks Students to Share Supplies, Boy Offers Up Pencils With Sweet, Personal Messages
By Good News Network-Nov 8, 2018


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As it turns out, the boy’s mother had written personal, individual
messages of love and encouragement on every single pencil, saying things
like “You are perfect” and “I am proud of you” and “This will be a
great year.”

“This probably took his mom a few minutes to do yet it lit up his
whole day at school,” says Cox. “He wasn’t embarrassed that his mom
wrote on his pencils. Thanks to his mom, he was reminded of his self
worth and wanted to share the same feeling with his classmates.”

Cox posted a photo of the pencils to Facebook where it was shared
thousands of times by adults praising the boy and his mother for their
compassion. Some have even taken it upon themselves to do something
similar for their own students – because, in Cox’s words, “imagine the
look on a child’s face when they are reminded that they are important,
talented, loved, knowledgeable and so much more … This is why I teach.”

*** end quote ***

Now I wonder how I can do something so simple, inexpensive, and life changing?

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