ENDNOTE: It certainly seems that the current divide is “good versus evil”



Christian Mercenary
This nation was founded on the God-given right of liberty. All things must be weighed against that right. Tyranny, oppression and suppression are evil and must be opposed.
A Better Understanding of Evil

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The book attempts to explain in a scholarly way the issues many of us have been writing about for years, a thing Mike Vanderboegh said in Lies of Omission, that we are a nation not “divided” so much as diametrically opposed to each other. While nothing, so far, has been revealed in the book that is not already known (it was published in 2011) it attempts to go further back with the explanation for what we are currently witnessing on a large and vivid scale. 

The point was made, at least argued, that the Western culture and especially American culture is at a crossroads, the origin of each intersecting road going back to before the Enlightenment. What we see now as a liberal/conservative or a republican/communist conflict is actually a conflict between modernist and postmodernist point of view versus a Judeo-Christian culture. 

While I am not sure that I will ultimately buy into the concept that the Judeo-Christian culture seeks beauty, truth and love, I am not finished reading the book and will reserve judgment until then. The authors did do a great job of explaining the opposite side of the coin and one passage sticks out immediately. 

(Speaking of the left and by this I mean Republicans, too, because there is no longer and may never have been a true difference between Republicans and Democrats. What Pontynen and Miller describe could be any politician and it is the whole of the body politic in America that subscribes to the modernist-postmodernist point of view.) 

The passage is this: “They rationalize power, envy and greed in the name of virtue, or claim it (virtue) is beyond rational discursive evaluation.”

*** end quote ***

Well, this reinforces my belief that there is little difference between the R’s and the D’s.

And, just maybe, it is the epic continual battle between good and evil.

Looking at Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerk’s “Catholic” Cuomo and abortion certainly makes it obvious.

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