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ENDNOTE: When does a baby get those “inalienable rights”?


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D.) commented Wednesday about a controversial 40-week abortion bill and in so doing said the law allows an abortion to take place after the infant’s birth.

Source: Northam on Abortion Bill: Infant Could Be Delivered and Then ‘Physicians and the Mother’ Could Decide If It Lives


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Isn’t this murder?

When does life begin?

And when does a baby get those “inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”?


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JLINKEDIN: Canale, Tony [MC1994] Assoc Partner @ Mueser Rutledge Consulting Eng



Canale, Tony [MC1994] 
Associate Partner at Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers
Greater New York City Area

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JFOUND: Porter, Kenan J. [MC????] Entrepreneur @ Clemson Brewing



Kenan Porter

Kenan J. Porter entered the beverage industry during 2007 while in college with a concept he developed called Spiked Punch, a Capri Sun style pouch with two shots of Vodka, pre-mixed and ready to drink.

In 2008, Kenan attended school at Manhattan College while studying Economics and business, after which he decided to take a job in New York City working for a beverage distribution company where he pedaled his bike around from account to account selling beverages of various types. His intention was to learn as much as he could about the beverage industry in anticipation of launching his Spiked Punch Brand. He built up his routes from 80 customers to 500 buying customers in his first year from 34th street down to the financial district.

In 2008, while working and commuting daily to NYC, Kenan decided to start his own distribution company, KP Distribution, in his home town of Pine Island, New York. Every weekend Kenan would sell and deliver products that he would purchase in NYC, to various different accounts that he opened up. The company was a success, and by the end of its first year on a part time basis, the company grossed $190,000.00 in revenue, with a 30% gross margin and 20% bottom line profit. The following year, Kenan knew that he needed to focus more efforts on building his own business, so he hired additional sales personnel and driver personnel. Sales grew to $700,000.00 with similar profit margins. In 2013 the company grossed over $3,000,000.00 in sales.

During this period Kenan saw great opportunity in the Aloe segment, which was dominated by Korea and marketed toward the Asian demographic. He decided to leverage his knowledge accumulated with Spiked Punch and make his own brand expanding the target market toward the Hispanic demographic.

In 2009 with $50,000 in startup capital, Sabila Corp was founded and launched in 250 accounts in the Hudson Valley. Kenan worked his own routes and used a sell and drop method to reduce costs. The company quickly grew and grossed over $1,000,000 in sales by the end of its second fiscal year. By the end of 2012, the company that was once a five route, 250 account based brand from Pine Island, grew to a 5,000 account base brand throughout the Tri-State area and is currently the leader in convenience sales in the North East in its segment according to Nielson Data.

In 2012, the beverage industry continued to thrive, and trends were proving true for many of the new areas of development. Opportunity in the Craft Beer segment intrigued Kenan. By Q3 2012, new plans for future growth included a microbrewery, and additional space for Sabila Corp. After many months of reviewing properties in the Hudson Valley, it was apparent Middletown, NY offered the most opportunity based on the city business friendly environment and willingness to realize the needs of a new market. After several months of negotiation with City officials, Heritage Restoration Properties was born, and the Clemson building, located at 22 cottage street was purchased.

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Porter, Kenan J. [MC????]

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Dear John,

I do not find anything in my ‘stuff’ for Kenan.



McEneney, Mike (MC1953)

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