POSITRACTION: Volleyball Team Devastated by Fire



10 Best Stories When Kindness and Heroics Went Viral in 2018
By Good News Network-Jan 1, 201


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5. Volleyball Team Devastated by Fire Shows Up Without Equipment, But Opponents Have New Uniforms, Supplies and Gift Cards Waiting

After the small town of Paradise, California, was nearly wiped out by wildfires, the local high school girl’s volleyball team was still determined to play their semifinal championship match—despite having no uniforms or equipment after evacuating with only the clothes on their back.

But the opposing team from Forest Lake Christian High School in Auburn was waiting with a big surprise.

Within 24 hours, they had collected donations of $16,000 and when the girls from Paradise Adventist Academy showed up, they were greeted with new custom uniforms, knee pads, and socks—and a whole lot of love.

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Here’s one that shot an arrow into the heart of a grumpy fat old white guy injineer.  24 hours?  To pull that all together in that amount of time is impressive.  To do it at all, humbles me.

From time to time, I see GOFUNDMEs for folks who have hit a hard time, and while I’m not Bezos wealthy, I do let the moth out of the old wallet for some exercise. 

(Ever heard that old Irish adage about “good works only count if done in secret”. Funny, I learned that from my maternal English Protestant grandmother who wanted to teach me about my maternal grandfather’s “heathen Irish culture that has a few good points”. ROFL!)

I tell you this not to pat myself on the back.  I’m sure I could do more.  And others do so much with so little. But to hopefully re-inspire others.  See I view stories like this, not as disclosing a “secret” and losing credit in Heaven for them, as much as sharing inspiration that the world is a nicer place than the news would lead us to believe.


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