ENDNOTE: Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Collects All the Super Bowl LIII Revenue



Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Will Collect All the Super Bowl LIII Revenue—Even Though Taxpayers Own the Stadium
The costs of maintaining and upgrading the stadium would be taxpayer-funded in perpetuity.
Saturday, February 02, 2019
Laura Williams

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On Sunday, the eyes of the nation will fall on Atlanta’s brand-new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, site of the 53rd Superbowl. As players and spectators pour into the city, they’ll be dazzled by a state-of-the-art retractable roof and an enormous, wrap-around digital screen. What will be less apparent to thousands of spectators and millions of television viewers is a different kind of innovation—a carefully concealed legal clause that will privatize future profits of the publicly-funded stadium.

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Crony Capitalism at its best!

It’s the old shell game of “privatize profits — socialize costs or losses”.

When will the sheeple, aka Clovers,  aka Taxpayers, realize the scam?

There ought to be a law to prevent ANY “public – private partnerships” for any reason!

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