POSITRACTION: The struggle for life is ennobling for all (imho)



Tiffany Senter (pictured) of Shasta Lake City, California is only 25, but she’s been at deaths door twice.

  • Tiffany was born with cystic fibrosis and has had to have two lung transplants.
  • Shocking photos reveal her two pairs of black, disease-riddled lungs (inset).
  • Her body rejected the first pair of donor lungs that Tiffany received at 17 after four years.
  • Now, her Tiffany’s body is rejecting the third set of lungs.
  • She will not be eligible for a rare, third, double lung transplant, but that hasn’t stopped the resilient young woman from teaching herself to do makeup – including her signature Marilyn Monroe look (right) – which she plans to make a business of or from being un-endingly grateful for the two donors who have extended her life by over seven years.

PUBLISHED: 17:20 EST, 15 February 2019 | UPDATED: 23:33 EST, 15 February 2019

*** begin quote ***

Tiffany Senter is just 25, but she has already had three sets of lungs. 

She was born with cystic fibrosis, a chronic genetic disease that causes sticky fluid to build up in several organs, including the pancreas, liver, kidneys and intestine. 

But it is most devastating to the lungs, which the disease effectively drowns in this malfunctioning mucus.

By age 16, Tiffany was dying. 

A lung transplant at 17 saved her life, but four years later her body rejected the new organs.   

Tiffany got yet another shot at life, receiving a second pair of donor lungs at 23. 

For now, Tiffany is breathing easier at last, but she still has to spend much of her time at the hospital, as cystic fibrosis has ravaged her other organs, too, and leaves her vulnerable to infections that could prove deadly.  

But Tiffany keeps her spirits up, with a little help from her idol, Marilyn Monroe, fixing her hair and make up to match the late starlet’s exactly – all from her hospital bed. 

Even more than her Marilyn, Tiffany looks up to the two organ donors whose lungs have kept her alive this long, and simply hold onto hope that these lungs will keep working as doctors say they won’t be able to give her another pair. 

*** end quote ***

When the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerk allows the killing of babies in and out of the womb, I see stories like this of a young woman who struggles to survive.

I pray she can do make up on a gazillion people in the time she has been allocated.

I wish that politicians and bureaucrats would take their “strange ideas” about life and abortion back to whatever Devil created hell hole they originated from,

I wish this young woman, and all that struggle for life, “bona fortuna”.  My prayers go with them.

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