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Gamma Theta Phi
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Gamma Theta Phi (ΓΘΦ) was a fraternity founded in 1964, primarily at Catholic colleges. Unlike traditional fraternities, Gamma was organized by the student services departments at each school since several colleges did not want national fraternities coming on their campus. Since Gamma was, in essence, an outreach of student services, the colleges hoped to harness the positives of the fraternities (service, charitable projects & camaraderie), and avoid the negative stereotypes which plague many fraternities.

The project didn’t succeed. By 1967 all national work regarding Gamma had halted. Several of the local chapters continued at their respective colleges for a few years, but by 1997, all the chapters had dissolved.

Chapters existed at one time or another at the following schools:

Christian Brothers University – Memphis, Tennessee
College of Santa Fe – Santa Fe, New Mexico
Fontbonne College – St. Louis, Missouri
La Salle University – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lewis University – Romeoville, Illinois
Loyola University New Orleans – New Orleans, Louisiana
Manhattan College – New York, New York
Saint Louis University – St. Louis, Missouri
St. Mary’s College – Moraga, California
St. Mary’s University – Winona, Minnesota

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[JR: Another indication of the dying of the “Catholic identity”.  Was at the Prep from 60-63 and MC 64-69 and don’t remember hearing about it.  But then the ingineers never heard much from “up the hill”.  Did I miss something?]

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