POSITRACTION: Homeless Magazine Seller gets a New VW Home



Homeless Magazine Seller is So Beloved By Locals, They Showered Him With Love and a New VW Home
By Good News Network-Jan 8, 2019

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“I guess I’d never thought about his living situation before and I thought there’s no way that he should be sleeping on the streets,” said Bamford. “So I set up the page and thought it might raise about £2,000 at most. But when I returned from Gambia after Christmas it had raised over £5,000, which was amazing to see.”

The campaign ended up raising over £7,000 ($8,900) in just two months – which was more than enough to buy Knight a plush VW van. A local camper van dealer even sold the vehicle at a discounted rate upon hearing about Knight’s story.

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I love the charitable acts of private people; rather than looking to the Gooferment.

Thinking back to my time in a military barracks,  I wonder why there can’t be a for-profit “hotel” that offers these “luxurious accommodations” — I know they were luxurious because my DI told me they were — to the homeless as a transition to getting their act together.  It’s probably precluded by Gooferment zoning.  Just like the tiny houses movement.


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