QUADRANGLE: Knights of Columbus: Contradictory to MC’s Lasallian Mission



Knights of Columbus: Contradictory to MC’s Lasallian Mission
Posted on March 5, 2019 by The Quadrangle in Opinions & Editorials
by Rose Brennan, A&E Editor

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As many of us are likely aware, the Manhattan College chapter of the Knights of Columbus is being reactivated. It has been well-advertised, especially at weekly Sunday masses, which I attend, as I am a practicing Catholic. I was led to believe that the Knights of Columbus was simply a social group for Catholic men, and I was not opposed to it. In fact, this was originally supposed to be an article about the reactivation of the chapter.

So last Sunday, I picked up a few pamphlets for some preliminary information about the organization before I endeavored to write an article about it. I read some of them, and I was absolutely disgusted.

In one of the pamphlets distributed to students, possible activities for the Knights were listed. Most of the activities were harmless, and good-natured, but some of them were titled “Life Programs,” and this is where my support for another Catholic organization on campus completely dissipated.

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[JR: I don’t usually cover the Quadrangle since it not of obvious interest to alums. This I think is worth a read.]

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