JNEWS: Fife, William “Bill” (MC1967) celebrated a 50th wedding anniversary



Long Island
Love Story: Romance brewed at Sunday tea dance at Manhattan College in 1964

  • Bill and Patricia Fife of Merrick celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in August 2018. 

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Patricia Fife of Merrick recalls the day she met her husband, Bill.

We met at a Sunday tea dance at Manhattan College in November 1964. I was sitting with my friends when Bill Fife, a young man I hadn’t noticed before, came over and asked me to dance. It was the last dance of the afternoon.

He was a junior at Manhattan College studying engineering. I told him my name was Patti DeAngelis. I was a freshman at the College of New Rochelle studying nursing. I was 17. He was 20.

Bill and Patricia Fife of Merrick attend the Valentine’s Day Military Ball in 1970 at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio. The couple were married in August 1968 in Pelham Manor, in Westchester. Photo 

Bill was a cadet with the U.S. Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and asked if I’d like to go with him to an ROTC party the next Saturday. I said, “Yes.”

Since he didn’t have a car, he had to take a 90-minute ride on two different buses from his house in Yonkers to mine in Pelham Manor, in Westchester. We had a terrific time at the party. And, despite the bus commute, we continued dating. He was persistent.

We participated in many ROTC social events including the ROTC Military Ball at the Statler Hilton, now the Hotel Pennsylvania, and St. Patrick’s Day parades in Manhattan.

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Fife, William “Bill” (MC1967)

[JR: Bill was my bridge partner often down in the Ingineering Cafeteria.  Everyone humorously referred to them as “Fife and Wife” long before they were married.  They were inseparable.  There was no doubt of that.  So they were our “J-Rod” (Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod). Laugh!]

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