POSITRACTION: 9-Year-old gives his shoes to a Homeless Boy



Watch 9-Year-old Rush to Take Off His Shoes So He Can Give Them to a Homeless Boy on the Street
By Good News Network – Jan 24, 2019

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While adults are working to provide housing for the homeless, this youngster took it upon himself to give a little boy his shoes and socks.

9-year-old Cheikh Faizal was walking with his father through Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia last week when they passed a transit station that is often frequented by homeless people.

Cheikh then spotted a barefooted homeless boy sitting with his mother on the street. According to Chekih’s father Sofian, his son felt compelled to help the youngster because he looked about the same age as Cheikh.

Cheikh then ran to the boy’s side, sat down, and removed his sneakers and socks so he could personally put them on the feet of his new friend. Not only that, he gave the boy several kisses on the cheek before continuing down the street with his father.

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Unfortunately here in the USA, there are so many frauds, how can you know what’s real?


Guess the best one can do is help your neighbors you know to be in need or give to the Salvation Army or such.


It shouldn’t be that hard.

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