JUPDATE: Riley, Joseph Mythen III [MC1975 RIP] remembered fondly


[JR: There is much more in his remembering of his friend.  “Fair use” only goes so far.  I urge you to read it.  I hope I’m that well thought of when I go over the rainbow bridge. ]


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I was preparing to write about another issue when suddenly sad news of one’s passing is heard throughout the city. Sometimes we need to take a step back and realize the importance of living life to its fullest. It’s when hearing about the recent passing of one special person that made me think about how we need to slow down and enjoy every moment. It’s waiting in line that a thought occurs as how I should begin to write about a person who dedicated his life of service to this community. Montgomery County and the City of Amsterdam will truly miss this person. It was for sure a memorable moment to see a countless number of friends waiting in line for their turn to share briefly with relatives and family of this man’s life and how he lived it. Recalling this person’s life, I’m also recalling the word “family” which is symbolic of this city where he was born. This person also had a strong faith along with many, many, friends. If you think of family names there are many that have made their mark in our community. Thankfully we still have well-known and well-respected families residing here. Whether it’s running a family restaurant, a law firm or funeral home when their name was mentioned good things would be said. Folks, it’s sad to say that another well-respected member of this community with an identifiable family name is no longer with us. His name is Joseph Riley. Standing in line waiting to pay my respects thoughts as to how he lived his life came to mind. It was not a surprise to see so many people coming to pay their respects for the last time. Joe Riley was someone who showed compassion towards this city. It’s only fitting for we as a community to remember Joe for his service, compassion, respect and friendship.

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Rest in peace… my friend.

Until next time – hold that thought.

Mike Lazarou is a columnist for The Recorder. He lives in the city of Amsterdam.

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Riley, Joseph Mythen III [MC1975 RIP]

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