POSITRACTION: Teacher Sees Boy — Helps to Save His A Life



When Teacher Sees Boy Cycling Down the Highway, She Turns Around and Helps to Save His Dad’s Life
By McKinley Corbley-Feb 13, 2019

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Meanwhile, elementary school teacher Keller Sutherland told WSPA that she had been having a lousy day. Upon questioning her career decisions, she had left school earlier than usual and started driving home when she saw a boy riding his bike through traffic.

Her instincts told her to turn her car around and check on the boy – and she was stunned to find that the youngster was actually a former student of hers: Cameron.

Cameron told Sutherland about his predicament and she did her best to keep him calm. Once paramedics were called to the scene, Cameron gave them directions to his house so they could help his father.

Thanks to emergency responders delivering the necessary injections to Cameron’s dad, his blood sugar levels quickly returned to normal – and Sutherland says the whole experience renewed her faith in her profession.

“There’s no doubt that God placed me where he did when he needed me,” Sutherland told WSPA.

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It’s important that we are always on the alert to take advantage of any and all opportunities to be of service.

Always listen to your inner voice or gut reaction.

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