JOY: Parlow, Kaitlyn [MC????] and Sen, Ryan [MC????] to wed


Kaitlyn Parlow & Ryan Sen
May 18,2019
Intercourse, PA

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After meeting, Kait and Ryan spent the next few years falling in love at Manhattan College. After Ryan graduated, they survived a the next couple years long distance where they enjoyed summers relaxing at the Jersey Shore and winters exploring Philadelphia. Kait eventually made the move to Philadelphia where they have been since. While dating, Kait and Ryan have especially enjoyed doing anything outdoors together. Their favorite things to do are hike and travel (22 states down!). Whether they were feeding wild hogs in the swamps of Louisiana, hot air ballooning in Albuquerque, camping with wild ponies in Assateague, backpacking 23 miles in the Grand Canyon, floating down the Snoqualamie River, kayaking through the mangroves of the Florida Keys or watching the sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain, Kait and Ryan have enjoyed every minute of their relationship and are excited to officially start their lives together.


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Parlow, Kaitlyn [MC????] 

Sen, Ryan [MC????]

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