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I am near the end of the rough draft! The support has been great! Please stop by my page if you can- and here is one of the happier chapters to give feedback on!

Sports was always an escape for me. I grew up a Philadelphia sports fan and saw few championships. I also attended a lot of Baltimore Orioles’ games. Like music and writing, I could leave myself for a few hours and enjoy all the action and strategy of sports. I attended most home Manhattan College basketball games and even a few road games. After an impressive season in March 1992, the Jaspers were headed to nearby Rutgers in Northern New Jersey in the first round of the NIT tournament. The school offered tickets and a bus ride for people interested. I jumped right on it.

The bus ride off to New Jersey was loud and full of energy! Larry was in full force, leading all the cheers and festivities. I swear I thought he was going to have a heart attack the way he was screaming and carrying on. We were all getting pumped up for the tournament, and getting ready to enter enemy territory.

All of us were seated together on bleachers on the left side of the arena. The Rutgers fans were very calm and collective, while we were as vocal as can be. The game was pretty close with Rutgers maintaining a lead most of the game.

Rutgers controlled most of the second half, leading the Jaspers by eight points with just four minutes left to play. Manhattan started to come back and had the ball trailing by a point with the clock running out. One of my classmates threw a layup right before the double zeros hit.It was like watching a movie as the ball circled around the rim a few times, before finding a home in the net! A true sports miracle!

After it happened, the home fans froze and were dead quiet in shock. On the other hand,we caused quite a ruckus! We were all hugging each other and screaming. Then, we all somehow got on the court! We were pointing the finger at the shocked people left in the stands chanting, “We are MC!”

The bus ride back to campus was a party! We all headed to The Terminal to watch the highlights on the evening news. We all toasted each other and chanted the whole night! In my many years watching sports, I never saw a miracle happen up and close like that in person.


Steinberg, Robert “Bob Stei” (MC1993)

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