COMMENT: Kuhn, Rob (MC1973) probes for my opinion on Boeing & FAA; no surprise here


Hi F John …

Thanks for replying to my question: “Which ‘we’ is going to separate business from the state?” I am shocked – shocked! – to hear you suggest that “We the sheeple” might be getting wise. Will wonders never cease?

[JR: I think that as “We, The Sheeple” get poorer in real wealth, they are going to ask: “Why?” unpleasantly!]

I’ve also been meaning to ask your opinion of the situation with Boeing and the FAA. Who would you say is at fault there? The FAA for allowing the business to do the part of the job the that the agency really should have? Or the business for then taking the shortest and most deadly path to the $$$?

[JR: I’d blame this on “regulatory capture”.  Crony Capitalists payoff the politicians and bureaucrats; they in turn a blind eye to the Crony Capitalists’ failures.  Eventually the politicians and bureaucrats go to work for the Crony Capitalists and the circle continues. It’s the same at the FDA & Big Pharma, the FED & Wall Street, USDA & Big Ag, DOE & Big Energy, DOEd & Big Education, and on and one and on.  The solution is to reduce the Gooferment size and influence.  When “we” crash on the rocks of debt, then “we” may get a smaller Gooferment?]

Thx. again.


Kuhn, Rob (MC1973)

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