MNEWS: Ann Marie Flynn wants her original teaching job


Former prof sues college claiming she was pushed out
Ann Marie Flynn wants her original teaching job back at Manhattan College
Posted May 19, 2019 — By HEATHER J. SMITH

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A former tenured professor says Manhattan College was wrong to allegedly push her out of her job after more than 20 years at the school, claiming in a human rights commission complaint and a lawsuit filed in Bronx County Supreme Court that administrators discriminated against her over gender and perceived disability.

Up until a few years ago, Ann Marie Flynn was chair of Manhattan College’s chemical engineering department — a program she says was once listed with the likes of Princeton University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology as among the top chemical engineering programs in the nation.

She took family medical leave in January 2014 to care for her cancer-stricken husband and to deal with her own depression over his illness, according to complaints filed with the Bronx Supreme Court and the city’s human rights commission. When Flynn tried to return, she claims provost William Clyde and engineering school dean Tim Ward demoted her, prevented her from returning to work, solicited student complaints against her, and ultimately called a termination hearing she says violated the college’s employee policy, according to the human rights complaint.

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Wade, Fabe and Clyde did not respond to requests on Monday to comment.

The lawsuit comes nearly a year after some students picketed outside Flynn’s disciplinary hearing, claiming the school was giving her an unfair shake.

“How can you pick at someone for being loud in a classroom?” asked Nicole May at the time, a Manhattan College alum who once had Flynn has a professor. “It was nitpicking. All she did was push her kids, and you’re going to try to terminate her for that?”

Flynn also seeks attorney’s fees and unspecified monetary damages.

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One response to “MNEWS: Ann Marie Flynn wants her original teaching job

  1. Dr. Flynn is a unique genius who was sadly mistreated by the administration. We all know department politics can be nasty, but a widely respected and revered, fully tenured professor should never be fired barring a crime or not showing up.

    Dr. Flynn has had a profound impact
    on thousands of lives and has personally mentored anyone who wanted her help and wisdom. Her ideas, instincts, mentality, and worldview are amazing in so many ways. Some of the other professors there are frankly ignorant and embarrassing. Its high time to reinstate the great Dr. Flynn!


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