PRAYERSREQUESTED: Colon, Philip J. (MC1962) prays for Dave


Phil Colon
1:35 AM 

Good Evening All,

Mike McEneney asks for our continued prayers for Dave Rice, Son-in-Law of Mike’s good Friend, the late Tom Kelleher ’53. Dave has been in our prayers and we need to raise the volume for this good man and his Family.

Dave’s Wife, Jane (Tom’s Daughter) has shared an update as she asks for our prayers for Dave as he begins his 4th round of Chemo and has experienced a set-back and spreading of his Cancer.

This loving Family is an inspiration and tribute to love, support, sharing and hope during good times and not so good. Below is Jane’s update. Please raise the volume for Dave and his beautiful Family.

Thank you Jane. Thank you all. God Bless.

Colon, Philip J. (MC1962)

# – # – #

From Mrs. Jane Rice

It’s been quite a while since our last update. We have been trying to just embrace life every day. This has been an extremely tough month for our family. Dave’s last CT scan at the end of April showed a blockage of his left ureter (the tube that goes from his kidney to his bladder). After a urogram he went in for a procedure to place a stent in the ureter with the intent to fully drain his kidney.

During that procedure the surgeon saw a tumor in his bladder which totally took us by surprise as it never showed up on any CT scan. They did a biopsy of the tumor which later was determined to be esophageal adenocarcinoma in the bladder. They were also able to determine that the ureter was being pinched from the outside versus something blocking the inside. Dave has also been complaining of back pain since at least December around the wing bone area.

We really thought that is was muscular pain. You know Dave, he’s always pushing himself to the limit trying to get back in shape. He has been to four different masseuses many times along with weeks of physical therapy all with very short-term relief. It was now suggested that he have an ultrasound of his back which in turn dictated a pet scan of his back last Saturday.

The results came back to show that his disease is progressing. It is now in both lungs, his liver, bladder, back muscles and humerus bone. This is devastating news to say the least. Dave will be starting his fourth round of chemo this week.

We, as a family, are trying very hard to be positive and embrace every moment that we get. We take time to spend as a family as often as possible. Thanks to our two fabulous girls, we keep laughing along this journey. This weekend we were able to camp and fish with Dave’s nephew Corey and his buddies. Dave spent some time working with the girls on their fly fishing skills. Very cool!

Feel free to give him a call or stop in. He’s going to need a lot of family and friend time to help him through

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