JNEWS: Frank Crowley (MC1934) was overlooked by Sports Illustrated



A monument to Olympian Frank Crowley
By TOM HALEY Staff Writer 22 hrs ago


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I once said to Joe Crowley something like, “You must have attended the 1932 Olympics when your bother competed, right?”

He didn’t and I will never forget his response: “Los Angeles? Hell, we couldn’t afford to go to Center Rutland.”

Rutland High School graduate Frank Crowley was one of Vermont’s greatest athletes. He was an All-American runner at Manhattan College, a member of that school’s Hall of Fame and competed in the 1500 meters in the Olympics.

When Sports Illustrated compiled its list of the 50 greatest athletes of the century for each state, Crowley was omitted from the list. An injustice. A gross oversight.

First on that list was Olympic skier Andrea Mead Lawrence and deservedly so.

But somewhere among the 50 there had to be a place for Crowley to join Andrea Mead Lawrence among that cavalcade of stars.

He was forgotten but shouldn’t be again. When they consider subjects for future statues in Rutland, his name should be among the candidates.

If they ever run out of space in downtown Rutland, a Frank Crowley statue in the park in Proctor near the starting line for the race that bears the name of his family would be fitting.

Sunday, the Crowley Brothers Memorial will carry on the name of this great Rutland family with the event named for Frank and his brothers Joe and Larry.

But it would be a fitting tribute for our other Rutland Olympian to have his own legacy chiseled in marble.

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Frank Crowley (MC1934)

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