COMMENT: Brown, Jim (MC1958) imagines rooftop gardens


Jim commented on ENDNOTE:
Yet physicians in the US are still busily manning the ambulances at the
bottom of the cliff instead of building fences at the top

2019-Jun-15 Flashback Friday: …

Go for it John. Won’t hurt. Shame the Devil. Imagine if all the roofs in NYC grew vegetables . It might give a healthy meal for thousands and the air quality would be much better. I wonder how this project at MC is doing? Jim Brown ‘58

[JR: I remember the single family homes in the Bronx by Alma Mater where everyone had some sort of “victory garden” in the back or on the side.  If all the “liberal” “save the earth” type were serious, there’d be “victory gardens” and solar power roofs everywhere.  I particularly like the photos of the aftermath of their “demonstrations” when it looks like a human pig sty.  And look at LA and SanFran to see what “liberalism” looks like. Argh!]

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