COMMENT: Insull, Bob (MC1963) doesn’t remember means tests on the Works of Mercy


RE: ENDNOTE: Green’s are dumb; “we” fat old white guy injineers need to innovate more

Comment on this week’s Endnote: I don’t recall there being a means test attached to either the Beatitudes or the Works of Mercy.

Insull, Bob (MC1963)

[JR: “We” may be called by whatever meme we follow (i.e., Christianity; Buddhism; Humanitarianism; Compassion; Empathy) to PERSONALLY help others.  BUT, (and there is always a BIG butt), using the Gooferment to steal from our fellow human to perform “charity” is just wrong.  Americans are extremely charitable despite what the Gooferment loots from them.  Imagine how much more “charity” would be done and how much more effective it would be if we didn’t have our wealth stolen for ineffective and inefficient Gooferment “programs”?]

[JR: Sorry for the delay.]

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