JFOUND: Kaelber, Henry V. [MC1981] tax and accounting practice



Henry V. Kaelber, CPA, CFP®
Accounting, Tax Preparation and Business Consulting Services

After graduating from Manhattan College in January of 1981, Henry began his career as a tax associate at a CPA firm on Madison Avenue in New York City. Henry worked closely with the managing partner at that firm, someone from his home town, and focused on state tax compliance by finishing up completed federal returns handed over to him. He knew then that, of all the types of accounting careers there were, taxation held a special interest. Yet, he also noticed that many of the firm’s clients worked on Wall Street and were compensated well.

After a year, Henry then left to work for a Wall Street proxy solicitation firm as their Assistant Controller. He also began to moonlight as a tax preparer to his friends, family and former college acquaintances. After a few years, Henry moved on to work at a handful of brokerage companies learning sales, operations and brokerage accounting. Then, in the summer of 1987, Henry got an opportunity to work as a bond trading accountant with a major New York investment bank. After several internal promotions, Henry rose to be an investment banker overseeing more than a dozen investment funds in the firm’s asset management division. During all this time, Henry maintained his modest tax practice. While at the investment bank, his colleagues would always ask, “why do you keep doing tax work?” And Henry would always reply, “because, this is what I plan to do after Wall Street and into retirement!”

In 1996, Henry relocated his family to Central Virginia and two years later he was offered an opportunity to become the CFO and a Director of the University of Virginia Investment Management Company – the entity responsible for managing the University of Virginia’s endowment. In 2003, Henry left UVIMCO, began to focus on expanding the tax and accounting practice he started in the early 1980’s.

Henry is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Virginia and his firm is licensed as well. He earned the Certified Financial Planner® and the Chartered Global Management Accountant designations and has passed Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst examination.

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Kaelber, Henry V. [MC1981]

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