COMMENT: Kenny, Bob (MC1968) on those who donate to anti-gay causes and support anti-gay marriage legislation


Re: YA (Yet Another) Chick-fil-A “act of kindness” story

I’m sure the story is touching. An act of kindness by one employee does not redeem Chick-fil-A for donating to anti-gay causes and supporting anti-gay marriage legislation. As a supposed libertarian you should oppose using the power of the state to enforce “Christian principles” by regulating who someone can love and marry. There are documented instances of Nazi soldiers protecting Jews during the Holocaust. Does that redeem Nazism?

Kenny, Bob (MC1968)

[JR: Bob, as a little L libertarian, I believe that there should be no Gooferment involvement in “marriage”.  The institution of marriage predates Gooferment.  “Marriage Licenses” are a result of racist laws to prevent Black and White marriages.  So, it’s NOT a matter of “using the power of the state” to enforce “Christian principles”; it IS a matter of “using the power of the state” to enforce “marriage” at all.  People should be forming LLCs if they want Gooferment recognition.  No one should be seeking to use the “power of the state” on UnConstitutional actions. Nothing “redeems” anything. But I don’t equate Chick-fil-a exercising their rights as the equivalent of “Nazism”. I think Chick-fil-a is wrong for focusing on the wrong target, but I’ll defend their right to be wrong.]

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